Carlos Valenzuela Resources, LLC

Carlos Valenzuela is a multifaceted success coach, trainer, and exceptional workshop facilitator with years of experience in the professional beauty industry. His unique combination of worldwide cosmetology plus a Masters in International Management offers the potential client sound analysis and practical solutions. Carlos initially trained in London and later worked with Pivot Point International in Chicago. He founded the Carlos Valenzuela Academy, Tesoro Beauty Boutique, and successfully delivered multiple projects to an array of manufacturers, distributors, associations, schools and salons.

Carlos believes you must constantly adapt yourself and your business to market nuances and is himself a master of reinvention. An electrifying motivational speaker, Carlos frequently delivers workshops and keynote speeches around the globe.

Carlos is a popular educator and facilitator at major industry events including ISSE, America’s Beauty Show, and IBS New York. For updates on Carlos educational presentations visit us on Facebook:

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